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Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas, everyone, and I hope that all the other winter holidays were kind to you too. Without shackling myself to anything, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the form this site has been taking and what I have in mind for it. Continue reading


Review: All-New X-Men #4

All-New X-Men 4

Wow look at this, my first Marvel review. Its been a long time coming so welcome to the House of Ideas, the House of Mouse, and the Jean-Grey School for Gifted Students. Oops! You’re late for class.
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Review: Sword of Sorcery #3

Sword of Sorcery 3

One thing that I do have to applaud DC for is the conscious attempt to broader the scope of their DC Universe line in the wake of their reboot. Whether it has lived up to expectations or they’ve really given it the attention it needs to succeed is a mater of perspective but they are making an attempt, which is especially admirable when you consider that the last time I can think of that either of the big two made a push like this was the “DC Explosion”.

If I’m right that means that the DC universe has been handily dominated by superheroes, space opera (to a lesser degree), and superhero space opera for pretty much as long as I’ve been alive and now the company is trying to change that. Certainly the positive reviews for All-Star Western (perhaps the only other genre to survive into my lifetime in any meaningful way) have shown that DC is invested in putting out at least one solid Western comic and their repeated attempts to invigorate their new war comics imply a desire to return to the glory days of such stories. They’ve also had great success with their horror comics. So we’re seeing superhero comics, ‘edgy superhero comics’, war comics, Batman comics, a Western title, Horror comics, Sci-Fi comics, and Batman comics. Are we missing anything?

Oh right, fantasy, that super popular genre that takes up about half of nerd literature (at least half of the sci-fi/fantasy aisle we seem to like). It’s kind of strange that fantasy is so poorly represented at DC, I mean one of their trinity of heroes is finally seeing her due attention paid thanks in part to a more fantasy-centric approach and their only initial offering, Demon Knights, is a sleeper hit. But oddly enough, tales of the fantastic and the magical tend to be strongly in the superhero or horror genres with few titles even taking the popular urban fantasy approach without trying to advertise as something else.

Enter Sword of Sorcery, the nonsensically titled non-anthology that may already have been cancelled. Continue reading

Review: Batman #15

Batman 15

After looking at Damian’s contribution to the Bat-Family event, we go to the king himself: Batman as interpreted by Snyder, Tynion, Capullo, and Jock.

But Here’s the Kicker

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

So here’s the joke: The entire Bat-Family walks into the cave. Nightwing says, “Hey, it really seems like the Joker knows who we are.”  Bruce tells him, “There’s no way he could know.” So Batgirl says, “we have effectively conclusive evidence and his statement that he does, how are you so sure?” And Bruce replies, “I’m Batman.”

No good? Sheesh, tough crowd, you try summarizing an issue in cheesy joke form (seriously though, if you’ve got any good ones I’d love to hear it). Alright, alright, stop me if you heard this one before.  Continue reading

Review: Batman and Robin #15

Batman and Robin 15 DotF

It’s a good time to be a Batman fan. ‘It’s always a good time to be a Batman fan’ I hear the cynical among you say, but it’s true (can you tell I just read two consecutive Joker issues?). While Batman has led something of a blessed life, at least from a publication point of view, it’s hard not to think that Bruce made out well in the New 52, even for him. And of course there’s no finer example of this than the work of Scott Snyder.

I love Snyder’s take on Gotham and Death of the Family is another great set-up for a big Batman story, good enough to help me overlook his few but serious missteps anyway. But all this is neither here nor there just now because we’re not reviewing a Snyder comic. Right now we’re looking at Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s addition to the Death of the Family story. Continue reading

Review: Earth 2 #7

Earth 2 #7

Earth 2 has been one of the most interesting titles to come out of the New 52 initiative since before it even hit shelves. The idea that this one title was serving to replace the classic Earth-2 of the pre-crisis DCU was more than enough to get it on my radar; I mean Earth Prime gets 51 books, National Comics, and a handful of miniseries at a time to flesh it out. Add to that the fact that James Robinson is somewhat legendary after his run on Starman and that his first reboot project, The Shade, was one of my favorite comics of the year, and you have quite a set up. While some were quick to judge the first issue, issues 3 and 4 made it clear to me that I was right to keep an eye on this book.

After a solid first arc, Earth 2 has a moment to breathe in issue 7. Having ended the Grey Man’s assault on the capital, Hawkgirl continues to try to put together a new team of Wonders. As the cover will make clear, she has mixed results. Meanwhile, Commander Khan and Terry Sloan struggle to assert dominance within the World Army hierarchy after the latter’s power play. Continue reading


Welcome to my first official comic review. I thought I’d start with a personal favorite of mine, Heart of Hush by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen. I’m going to write this review in two parts, one spoiler-free section for those of you thinking of picking up the book and a second, more in-depth look at it for those who have already read it or want to know a bit more before you make a decision. I’ve never tried this format before and I foresee the possibility that it might lead to some light redundancy as I backtrack to points that deserve more detail, but I think it’s worth a shot. Anyway, without further ado… Continue reading


Welcome friends.

This blog is something that I’ve debated making for a long while but somehow is still not fully formed in my mind. At our outset here, my goal is to have this be a place for reviews of comics, both current and past, as well as my thoughts on stories, characters, trends, and problems in the world of comics. It’s my hope that you’ll find these useful and interesting but I don’t profess to have any special knowledge or insight into the industry. Indeed, I’ll probably miss some things, make mistakes, and reveal that greatest of comic book fan imperfections: a less than complete knowledge of the entire history of comics. That said, I’m a fan, just like you presumably are, and I’m well aware of how vibrant and intelligent the comic book fandom can be. I encourage everyone to post and discuss comics here as long as you do so in a respectful manner. If you want to argue that the Riddler could totally take Jean Grey (for some reason), you are more than welcome to do so, but please do so without insulting your fellow fans or anyone else for that matter. It’s my hope that I’ll manage to get some amount of a readership and that we can share this strange sometimes cruel hobby together.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for knowing that Jean would destroy the Riddler.