Welcome friends.

This blog is something that I’ve debated making for a long while but somehow is still not fully formed in my mind. At our outset here, my goal is to have this be a place for reviews of comics, both current and past, as well as my thoughts on stories, characters, trends, and problems in the world of comics. It’s my hope that you’ll find these useful and interesting but I don’t profess to have any special knowledge or insight into the industry. Indeed, I’ll probably miss some things, make mistakes, and reveal that greatest of comic book fan imperfections: a less than complete knowledge of the entire history of comics. That said, I’m a fan, just like you presumably are, and I’m well aware of how vibrant and intelligent the comic book fandom can be. I encourage everyone to post and discuss comics here as long as you do so in a respectful manner. If you want to argue that the Riddler could totally take Jean Grey (for some reason), you are more than welcome to do so, but please do so without insulting your fellow fans or anyone else for that matter. It’s my hope that I’ll manage to get some amount of a readership and that we can share this strange sometimes cruel hobby together.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for knowing that Jean would destroy the Riddler.