Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas, everyone, and I hope that all the other winter holidays were kind to you too. Without shackling myself to anything, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the form this site has been taking and what I have in mind for it.

The primary form of content for this blog is reviews of and articles about comic books. Unlike some other blogs about comics, I expect that the line between the two will be a little fuzzy. Right now my posts have a wide range of intended purposes. Some are meant to advise and illuminate readers searching for comics they want to buy, others are a place to look critically at comics already read, some try to place individual stories in the broader context of their industries, continuities, and storytelling traditions (which is a fancy way of saying tropes). In order to accommodate this, I’m trying out a number of formats including my normal lengthy reviews, reviews with separate sections for people looking to read the book and looking for analysis of the book, full articles on comic book trends and tropes, and possibly even in-depth essays. I’m willing to admit that I tend to write a lot and I’m working to find ways to give readers who want a slightly quicker comic review experience a way to find it here but I hope people out there are enjoying what I’ve posted.

I’ve also been greatly enjoying talking to those of you who I’ve commented on and who have commented on my blog. Thank you to those who are following me. I’m thrilled to be sharing my thoughts with you and I hope that I’ll be hearing ever more from my readers. Please let me know what you’d like to see here and please feel free to state your view.

I’m hoping that Amazing Spiderman #700 will lend itself to a review, or at least some form of commentary, and that I’ll be able to share whatever Spider-thoughts I have with you soon.

I look forward to bringing you more reviews and more kinds of comic-related content in what remains of this year and beyond. So on this widely celebrated day, remember those lessons that flow between the tales of this season, the tales of our beloved medium, and the tales of our fandoms:


We have the power to make the world a better place


We will endure dark times together


We find our power when we become something more than an individual, when, by masks or en mass, we aspire to an idea of a better tomorrow and a future where we demand an ever higher standard to call someone super.


So whether you do it through gifts or by your presence, through charity or protest, through actions beyond the average or simple gestures we hope to experience every day, in shelters or with your family; whether you do it by logging onto WordPress or twitter, or just by looking into a friend’s eyes, spend this year and next heroically and I’ll see you next time you visit.