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Superior Spider-Man 2

After what feels like forever, we’re back with our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Well, maybe not our Spiderman… Obviously this review’s gonna be spoiling the new status quo for the Spider-Man titles so if you’re still unaware you should either wait it out, catch yourself up with my reviews of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1, or dive right in.
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Wow, January’s been a busy time here. Technically, we’ve had about the same number of posts as last month, but, with my holiday break knocking a solid chunk out of the month, they’ve been coming much more frequently and the books have had more backups to look at. As a result, some of you might have missed some under-the-radar updates, so I thought I’d take a minute to let you know about them. Continue reading

Wolverine and the X-Men 24

Welcome back to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. The teachers are taking their day off to go clubbing, so I’ll be filling in. For those of you who aren’t already enrolled in one of the school’s programs, you’re encouraged to sit in on classes, and this is a fine issue to do so in. So come along; it’s time for class. Continue reading

Review: Batman #16

Batman #16

Just like Batman, we too are invited to enter Arkham Asylum this month and explore the heart of Darkness. The Joker’s plan is nearing its finale and he’s challenging his Bat-king to embrace his destiny. With the clown prince of crime running circles around his protégés, how can Batman triumph on insanity’s home turf? Step inside and take a tour of the Joker’s Arkham.

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Comic Book Death


Given the shocking ending of a couple of the more talked about comics of recent days, I thought I’d write up a short article looking at the evolution of “Comic Book Death”. There will obviously be spoilers. Most of the aforementioned spoilers are quite old and quite well-known, but there are the issues that inspired this post. If you aren’t confident which books I’m referring to, you probably don’t know about it (nice job avoiding spoilers though). I think most everyone knows what I’m talking about, but just in case, I’ll keep everything under the cut.

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Superior Spiderman 1

And so we come out the other side. Though many were forced to wait in horror for two weeks and anyone enjoying my blog enough to be upset had to suffer another one, we now have issue #1 of The Superior Spider-Man. Feels worth mentioning that this review will follow the half and half spoiler system I’ve been using but will be spoiling Amazing Spider-Man #700 throughout. Don’t read this if you’re still waiting for ASM 700. Otherwise come on in. Continue reading

Amazing Spiderman #700

Well the wait is finally over. After a long and arduous wait that grew only worse after the book was released, I have a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #700. The simple assumption that I’m operating under is that, whether you’ve been spoiled or not, you know whether or not you want this comic. I’ll tell you here that it’s solidly executed, but honestly it’s the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man, you’re either interested or you’re not. I’m still working on figuring out a system for denoting the spoiler level of my posts that I like but consider yourself warned: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS. If we’re going to have a meaningful conversation about this issue we’re going to need to have them here. So if that didn’t scare you off continue down into our look at the end of an era.

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Review: Detective Comics #16

Detective Comics 16

There are a lot of issues we could consider in looking at Detective Comics 16. We could discuss the nature of comic character franchises and how they’re run by the Big 2. We could discuss the effect that changes in creative teams can cause and their effect on a title’s identity or lack thereof. Or we could discuss how crazy it is that I can honestly say “I went to Jim Hanley’s today and picked up Detective Comics 16 and the first issue of Spiderman.” And perhaps we will, but, primarily, I think I want to consider how multi-title events affect comics. Continue reading

Review: Earth-2 #8

Earth 2 8

You’ll remember that last month, my first Wednesday review was of Earth 2. It seems appropriate that now my first review of a series I’ve already looked at is the eighth issue of that same self title. Maybe this will go quickly.  Continue reading

For Great Justice!


Welcome to 2013, everyone! DC announced a while back that they’re planning to release a Justice League movie in 2015. That’s only two years away now! As you might have guessed that means that the film has had a quietly building typhoon of rumor and speculation around it ever since the announcement. So, being the unoriginal egotist that I am, I thought I would give you my prescription for a Justice League film for 2015. Continue reading