Sorry to reblog so much this week but I felt this was important. Shannon, who runs the Bound and Gagged Book Blog, is an awesome lady and one who frequently inspires me to be a better feminist. Her story is sadly far from the worst geek girls have gone through in recent memory, but all of them deserve our support and our celebration. I encourage you all to read it, to check out her blog, and to keep the awesome rolling. Do something awesome today. Make someone feel less alone. For anyone who feels like they can’t be a nerd, Reviews by Lantern’s Light stands with you.

Bound and Gagged

I am a feminist. I am a geek. Both of these labels have been used to insult me. To invalidate me. To dismiss me. I’m used to that. I can take it. So, some people still think geeks are mouth-breathing shut-ins who will never have sex. So, the guy in my American Woman class in high school thought feminists were “ugly women”. I know these people for the ignorant and out of touch fools that they are. I will fight them, with my words, my actions, and the courage of my convictions.

But the ugly truth is that the greatest impediment to being a feminist or a geek is feminists and geeks.

I have considered myself a feminist pretty much since birth. See, I was raised on Star Trek. As Voyager happened to be on when I was a little girl, my first examples outside of my family of what…

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