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Review: X-Men #1

X-Men 1

How does Marvel keep convincing me to buy more X-Men titles? And how does this new addition to the family compare with its older brothers? Read on to find out.

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Bound and Gagged

Recently, I was contacted by someone who had witnessed an incident of slutshaming involving a cosplayer at Anime Boston. Given that I have discussed sexual harassment and cosplay, as well as other gender and harassment issues within or directed at the geek/nerd communities, he asked if I would post his story anonymously. Here it is, unabridged:

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Review: Teen Titans #20

Teen Titans 20

Wow, quite a cover. Anyway, let’s review a comic that has nothing to do with that. Continue reading

Li'l Gotham 2

I haven’t done all that much on this blog to back up my love of Dustin Nguyen. I think it’s about time I did something about that… Continue reading

RHatO 20

I do seem to love me some Jason Todd lately. Lucky me, then, that last week’s Batman and Red Hood (review here) was only the beginning. This week we return to Jason’s titular series. And we even get to spend some time with his…sidekicks? Friends? Pets? (Down, fangirls.) Well whatever bizarre relationship holds the ‘Outlaws’ (never called that) together, it’s on display this month.

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Batman and Red Hood 20

Peter Tomasi began his fascinating look at Batman’s stages of grief last month with an issue featuring Frankenstein and Red Robin. The Denial story saw Batman attempt to raise Damian from the dead, only to be stopped by Tim Drake. This month, Bruce has moved on to rage (as the cover so subtly points out).

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Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

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Superior Spiderman 9

Do you ever get nostalgic? That feeling of longing for a time gone by? Do you ever yearn to return to the good old days when you knew who your heroes were and Dan Slott was verbally assaulted on a regular basis – you know, this January?

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