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Green Team 2

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Bound and Gagged

THE DEFENDANT: The Amazing Spider-man, Vol. 2: Revelations, J. Michael Straczynski, artwork by John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna, Marvel Comics

THE VERDICT: This trade contains the infamous “The Amazing Spider-man #36”, which dealt directly with the events of 9/11 within the Marvel Universe. This garnered a great deal of attention, praise, and controversy. In addition, the trade itself was challenged at one school for reasons unrelated to the 9/11 issue.

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Batman Annual 14

Andrew Helfer is an editor and writer who’s done most of his work in the industry at DC. He’s probably most famous for overseeing the relaunch of the Justice League of America and Superman, respectively, into the JLI and The Man of Steel (not to be confused with the recent film) and for founding DC’s Paradox imprint. Despite having more than one Eisner award to his name, Helfer doesn’t seem to have the same recognition as fellow editors like Mike Carlin, Dennis O’Neill, or Julius Schwartz. He’s not really a celebrity the way some of his colleges are, he’s just an accomplished editor.

Oh, and he also wrote one of the most important Batman stories of all time.

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Review: Ichiro


It’s a little recognized fact that whatever madness you find through the looking glass is bound to be a reflection of yourself. It’s one that young Ichiro discovers in more ways than one over the course of this gorgeous, Eisner-nominated, original graphic novel by writer/artist Ryan Inzana. Continue reading

Man of Steel

I think many people were probably confused when they saw the trailers for Man of Steel. It seemed dark, almost arrogant – not Superman at all. Then another trailer came out and suddenly it seemed that things had largely reversed course, it’s all about hope and cute moments between Clark and Lois.

Well, the time has come, but I think that many people will probably be confused when they leave the theater.

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Superman Unchained 1

Scott Snyder has been quite the find for DC. Already raking in money for the company’s vertigo imprint with American Vampire, DC made the wise decision to turn over their flagship title over to the rising star, resulting in The Black Mirror, one of the most acclaimed Batman stories in years. Since then, Snyder has brought multiple writers into the DC mainstream, crafted a Swamp Thing story too unsettling for me to read (sorry Scott), and given Batman his deserved place of honor at the center of the New 52.

No one doubts Snyder’s skills in bringing noir and horror to the page, but now he has a new task: bring that same spark to Superman. With The Man of Steel opening tonight, the pressure is on to encourage new Super-readers. Can DC’s formidable duo of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee make us believe that a man can fly? Let’s find out.

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Nightwing 21

Full disclosure, Nightwing is a character close to my heart. It’s possible that I was the only one, but growing up I didn’t care to be Batman, I wanted to be the kid who gets to save Batman in between rides on his motorcycle and actually living a life. Then again, in my universe, Robin always wore pants. Either way, like many kids with many superheroes, I grew up with Dick Grayson, but Nightwing is special to his fans because he grew up with us too.

So yeah, if my username didn’t tip you off, I like Nightwing. That means that I was thrilled when Dick came back to the domino mask, that buying Nightwing #1 was a given for me, but it also means that I’ve been highly critical of any mishandlings. So how does Dick’s latest adventure in the windy city sit with a lifelong fan? Read on, true believers, and find out. Continue reading

Green Lantern 21

Twenty-one months after the reboot, something finally changes in Green Lantern.

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