Dear Readers,

Firstly, since I’ve elected to speak to you directly, I want to say thank you to all of you who have visited Reviews by Lantern’s Light. Comic fans, I love writing for you, talking with you, and being one of you. And it is because this blog brings me such joy and fulfillment that I’ve taken a position at Weekly Comic Book Review as a contributing writer.

If you haven’t been reading WCBR but mysteriously have been following me, you’re doing yourself a disservice. WCBR was my original comic book blog and part of the reason I’m the dork I am today so I’m honored to have been accepted into their ranks. If you want solid, to the point, reviews of the week’s pulls, I strongly recommend checking it out, and I’d, of course, love it if you’d follow me there.

As for what this means for Reviews by Lantern’s Light; never fear. I do not intend to stop posting here. Though my review-load has increased, I’m still going to put in my best effort to keep a steady stream of up-to-date content on this blog as well. In fact, I see my reviews for WCBR influencing this blog fairly minimally. I started this blog and chose its format knowing that there was already a WCBR out there and plenty of other great blogs as well. As a result I decided to implement the somewhat lengthy style that you know (and hopefully love) here. So if you want more of what you’ve gotten, please keep checking in here at Reviews by Lantern’s Light. If you’re more interested in the broad strokes of whether a book is good or whether you should buy it…well still check in here, but WCBR might cater to your needs a little more closely.

I don’t expect that I’ll be reviewing the same comics for both blogs under normal circumstances, so the biggest effect this will have is that I’ll be picking what books to review here vs. there based on how the assignments fall. You may see a couple more articles or retro-reviews here on weeks when I’m covering the books I have things to say about on WCBR, but I’ve been meaning to write more of those anyway, so I’m not exactly crushed.

I hope this will be the start of even better things for me and for Reviews by Lantern’s Light. Thank you all for your support and I hope I’ll see you there too.

Best Wishes,


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