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Articulate & Intricate

Hi, all! This is Shannon from Bound and Gagged, a blog dedicated to banned books and other censorship/intellectual freedom issues. I was asked to talk a little bit about banned books, censorship, and how it pertains to genre fiction and the Comics Code Authority.

BBW13_4.25x3As some of you may know, this week (September 22-28) is Banned Books Week, an event started in 1982 to bring awareness to banned books and book challenges. The event is largely focused on book/library challenges within the United States, as it is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), as well as a number of other American organizations, including the Library of Congress. However, book banning is a global issue and Amnesty International has brought the event into a more global context.

The topic of book banning is a broad one with a long and complicated…

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Lex Luthor 1

I personally find the Lex Luthor of the past fifteen years to be one of the most fascinating characters in DC’s stable. Despite this, his older incarnations barely show up on my radar, very much taking the case-by-case route. These two versions of Lex, the self-appointed messiah and the mad scientist, have been at war of late and I very nearly didn’t pick this issue up for fear of stretching my wallet just before a Con.

Which Luthor will you find inside? I’m afraid it’s not as clear-cut as one might think, but come in and I’ll tell you why I’m happy I invested in Mr. Luthor. You’re welcome not to, but I can’t be held responsible if something…unfortunate happens. Continue reading

Two Face 1

Despite becoming Batman’s number two villain over the past twenty years, Two-Face is still a character who runs the gamut in terms of writing quality. Perhaps he flips a coin. With Villain’s Month starting, Harvey Dent has his first real spotlight in the New 52 since the hastily forgotten Detective Comics backups from the reboot’s first year. How will the coin judge this issue? Read on to find out.

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Xavier Day


Happy Xavier Day, everyone. Continue reading