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All-New X-Factor

On the last day of New York Comic Con, I had the very good fortune to sit down with Peter David to talk about his long and storied career in the world of comics.

Mr. David has been writing comics for the better part of thirty years and has worked on all manner of projects; from cult classics like Young Justice or his trademark X-Factor to lengthy runs on some of the industry’s biggest titles like Aquaman and The Incredible Hulk. He’s also found success as a novelist and a screenwriter.

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didio nycc 2013

While I attended many panels over the course of New York Comic Con 2013, I’ve chosen to start with the ones that will matter most to you guys. With that in mind, I’m going to fast forward to Sunday Morning.

On the tail end of the convention, Dan DiDio, Co-Editor of DC Comics held a surprisingly intimate discussion about his tenure, the directions that DC has and will be heading, and his thoughts on the state of the brand – and on his birthday, no less!

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Small-Scale Revolution


On the first day of NYCC, I spotted one of the staples of a modern convention: a Stephanie Brown cosplayer.

For those of you who don’t know, Stephanie Brown Batgirl has become something of a statement at cons, a symbol of protest against the way DC has handled its tone and its female characters since their New 52 reboot.

Needless to say I asked her for a picture.

The next day I saw her again, standing between the rows of DC’s Batman panel.

After the panel I caught up with Steph and asked her a few questions.

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After a full day of panels I returned to whence I began, Empire Stage, for another big one, this time presented by the distinguished competition.

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Fit for a King

mens shirt

This one won’t be too long but I had an interesting experience at Comic Con that I thought I’d share with you. After Thursday’s Editing Comics: The BOOM! Studios way, I had the great fortune to speak with Grace Randolph for far longer than I deserved. In fact, we spoke for so long that it became rude to a fan who came up part way in to wait for her turn. As a being of immense guilt, I stepped aside and let my fellow geek talk to Grace for a while.

Though I intended to just wait it out until Grace was free again, I couldn’t help but pop in on their conversation at one point.  I’m not exactly proud of my self-control in that instance, but I’m fairly glad I did, because I caught the two of them discussing something that I found rather fascinating. Continue reading


On my second day of New York Comic Con, I headed straight to the Empire Stage for my first really big panel: Marvel’s Amazing X-Men & the Marvel Universe. Continue reading