Hey everyone,

While there are still a couple left, the passing of Hanukkah, Christmas, and most solstice-based holidays means that the majority of gift giving are in progress or behind us. I hope you’ve been enjoying your time off and spending it with people, pets, and stories you love. It’s been a good year for comic-based Christmas media with Iron Man 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins taking place over Christmas Eve. I suppose it makes sense that those two heroes would be our hobby’s Christmas patrons, after all, they do tend to have all the best toys. Other holidays may not get the same attention (Jesus totally stole the thunder from Thor’s birthday), but regardless of what you celebrate, there’s really only one (appropriate) question left…

What’d ya get!?

Anybody get any great geeky or comic-related swag they care to share?

For the sake of reciprocity, I’ll admit that I got a little spoiled. My father, ever eager to encourage my interest in his homeland, got me trades of Devi, Ramayana: 3392, a smattering of short Hindu mythology comics from Campfire, and even surprised me with a comic I’d never heard of, a lovely hardcover that goes by Shifter.

I haven’t managed to read them yet, but my initial response is that he did a fine job. I’m honestly most impressed with the research he clearly must have done. It reminds us (or, at least, me) how much of gift giving actually is in the thought.

I hope you all have and have had a wonderful holiday season. If you’re willing to share, leave a comment with your favorite nerdy gifts or an idea for a non-“traditional” superhero holiday story.

All best in the coming year and thanks for supporting Reviews by Lantern’s light.

– Noah