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SotB 19

The 90s were an interesting time. I was young then, finding my first taste of comics through the television each Saturday morning. Later I would discover the nearly laughable pains that Marvel went through to replicate the Jim Lee era X-Men comics, but little did I know, at the time, that things in the world of Batman were very different from what I knew. As the first season of Batman: The Animated Series came to a close, the role of Batman passed to a young man named Jean-Paul Valley in the second act of DC’s mammoth Knightfall storyline.

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Review: Green Lantern #27

Green Lantern 27

With this issue we’ve taken our first true steps into the next era of the Green Lantern Corps. Though some are still reeling from Relic’s attacks, there’s no time to fixate on past battles or even reconstruction anymore. Once again the Corps finds itself at the brink of war and it doesn’t look like they can avoid it. Continue reading

Review: Aquaman #26

Aquaman 26

As part of a rare breed of comic nerd, I will happily take any opportunity to proclaim my love for Aquaman. Sure, the world thinks he’s the worst member of the Justice League, but Aquaman’s awesome, capable of all the depth and power of the sea itself.

So I was torn when the New 52 launched the first new Aquaman comic in years. On one hand, I was particularly tired of Geoff Johns’ style of storytelling at the time and his villains bored me to death. On the other, here was a writer who not only loved and understood Aquaman but propelled him to the top of the sales charts. For the first time, the word got out that it’s ok to like Aquaman. That’s why I felt so weird dropping the series.

I may go back and read it in trade (the way it was meant to be read), but with a tight comics budget, I just couldn’t justify picking it up every month. Perhaps, I thought, I’ll return to Aquaman someday, some day when the currents change.

Well that day is today.
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Bound and Gagged

While 2013 wasn’t all that great for me, it was a great year for Bound and Gagged Books. The blog has about 10x the followers it did at the beginning of last year, one of my posts was Freshly Pressed, and Bound and Gagged was even quoted in The Huffington Post. Thus, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our lovely readers for following, commenting, sharing, and stopping by our little corner of the internet.

Thanks are also due to the other lovely people who make this blog happen. While Bound and Gagged Books began the year as a solo effort, it has since seen reviews from Elliot Oberholtzer, Victoria Lepore, and Hannah. I’d like to thank the three of them for their contributions to the blog and to the general awesomeness level of the planet. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Reviews by Lanterns Light, for being my friendly neighborhood comic book expert…

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