As I’ve become more familiar with the writers working in the comics industry today and the responsibilities of an editor over the past year, I’ve been locking on to all kinds of great ideas, creators’ dream projects and the tidbits of brilliance that surpass even the best other elements of their scripts. It eventually seemed to me that I had singled out a lot of these ideas, but I, naturally, had nothing to do with them besides argue with my friends about whether they were as perfect as they seemed.

I started this blog with two main goals in mind. The first was to open┬áthe kind of interesting conversations I have with my friends to a wider audience and to hear from new and interesting perspectives. The second was to keep myself thinking critically about comics while I looked for work as an editor. It occurred to me that these concepts I kept dreaming up were a great exercise in both of the facets Reviews By Lantern’s Light was founded upon. And so I’ve put them down here as the New Year’s 52: fifty-two writers and teams┬ápaired to fifty-two books created from DC’s stable of characters and concepts.

For your convenience I’ve included links to each of the articles below, arranged in several ways to suit your preference. First is the original order the articles debuted in, largely apropos of nothing save my attempts to highlight the project. After that I’ve arranged the alphabetically by writer and title. Finally I’ve grouped the books into loose families that might be used to determine their position editorially.

I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to comment, disagree, or try to put together a 52 of your own.

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