Welcome friends, I’m Noah, and if you’ve found this page you’re probably either interested in hearing a strange comic fan’s opinions or you’re lost. In the latter case, I’m sorry to hear that and I hope you manage to navigate the tubes, but in the prior case, thanks for showing up! This blog is still evolving, but as of now I think of it as a place for my thoughts on comics, particularly in the form of reviews and articles, and I hope that sometime in the future it might contain some of your thoughts too.

So as the link you likely followed said, this page is a little bit about me. I’m a recent graduate of Hampshire College who fell back into comics in my second year of college. I started with Batman and expanded to his greater family of titles, then the DCU in general, then back to Marvel, and I’m currently trying to explore non-superhero comics and other publishers as my budget allows.

Since starting this blog I was brought on as a reviewer for weeklycomicbookreview.com. WCBR is a great site and one of my inspirations in starting to review so it’s been quite an honor. I continue to upload reviews to both sites and you can follow me and keep up with all my updates on twitter @N1ghtwing17.

As I said, this blog is evolving but I hope that when its done it will be something fun. Thanks for being part of that and thanks for reading.