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Vader's Little Reader

Despite the insistence of people who haven’t picked up a comic since Adam West was on the air, comics aren’t really for kids anymore. Modern comics are full of sex, violence, and all manner of problematic details that a parent might not want their kid seeing. There are, of course, ‘all-ages’ comics, but not all of them live up to that name. Many are aimed at the very young and can leave older readers feeling patronized, while others are simple stories full of easter eggs that go over the head of the supposed target audience and bore pickier comic-fans.

With that in mind, I thought I’d do my part to aid those in the world’s most important profession and give some suggestions to those looking to bring their little nerds up right.

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Review: Ichiro


It’s a little recognized fact that whatever madness you find through the looking glass is bound to be a reflection of yourself. It’s one that young Ichiro discovers in more ways than one over the course of this gorgeous, Eisner-nominated, original graphic novel by writer/artist Ryan Inzana. Continue reading