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Ewing Comics are for EveryoneA veteran of the British comics scene, Al Ewing has kind of conquered America over the last few years. With series like Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, Mighty Avengers, and Loki: Agent of Asgard, Ewing has made his mark on Marvel and distinguished himself through his humor and thoughtful examinations of complex issues like identity, class, and race. Loki, in particular, struck me immediately, and I knew that I had to talk to this writer if the opportunity presented itself. Thankfully it did at C2E2 this year and Mr. Ewing gave some wonderful insight into his views on storytelling, heroism, and plenty more. Continue reading


marvel tnbtMarvel came out in force for Special Edition: NYC. Though they easily flattened the competition when it came to number of panels, this was the one to see if you wanted to know what was coming from the House of Ideas.

The panel was moderated by Senior VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort and featured a slew of top name talent. This included Senior X-Men Editor Mike Marts, fan favorite writer Peter David, Storm writer Greg Pak, and Deadpool editor Jordan D. White. There was even a surprise guest in the form of Katie Kubert, the former editor of Batman and Detective comics who had announced her departure from DC less than twenty-four hours before! Continue reading