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With Wolverine due for execution this Wednesday, the entirety of the Marvel universe, which has increasingly come to depend on the ol’ canucklehead, is preparing for a drastic change. How will Marvel’s world be changed? How will those closest to Logan react to losing the one person they thought would be there forever? Marvel is counting on our interest in those questions. And so, on Saturday, Marvel assembled the architects of its X-Men line for the “Death of Wolverine – The Logan Legacy” panel.

Moderated by X-Men group editor Mike Marts the panel included Death of Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-Men editor Katie Kubert; Jordan D. White, editor of All-New X-Factor and Deadpool; Gerry Duggan, author of all manner of Deadpool craziness; Charles Soule, apparent human dynamo and the mastermind writer behind The Death of Wolverine; X-Men architect and writer of Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men, Brian Michael Bendis; Peter David, the writer of All-New X-Factor; and Storm writer, Greg Pak. Continue reading


Death-of-Wolverine-1-McNiven-Cover-49c4cThough I didn’t plan it this way, my final panel of C2E2 was Marvel’s Wolverine: 3 Months to Die. And while I regret not being able to see a couple of the later panels, I can’t say that it was a bad note to go out on. Full of interesting questions and big announcements, it was definitely one of the most exciting panels of the weekend. And so with that in mind, I’ve decided to skip ahead and write about it early.

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Well it’s gift-giving season again, the happiest season of all. Unfortunately, all that happiness can get kind of stressful. Well fear not, dear readers, whether you’re hoping to take advantage of time off, looking for something to spend your grandma’s check on, or looking to buy the comic fan in your life something a little more nuanced than Amazon’s best sellers, I’m here to help make your life a little less stressful.

Happy HolidaysBelow I’ve assembled ten of my favorite collected comics that should be easy to find. I’ve tried to provide a selection that will hopefully appeal to most, if not all, readers. It’s worth mentioning that there are tons of excellent comics that I simply haven’t gotten around to reading, but I wanted to feel confident that you were getting the best I could recommend and, as such, many of them are missing from this list. If you feel like your interests aren’t adequately represented here, feel free to let me know in comments and I’ll try to see if I can’t come up with something.

I hope this is helpful to you and, as my friends at FOX News say: Happy Holidays.

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On my second day of New York Comic Con, I headed straight to the Empire Stage for my first really big panel: Marvel’s Amazing X-Men & the Marvel Universe. Continue reading

Review: All-New X-Men #15

All-New X-Men 15

When Stan Lee put out the first issue of X-Men in 1963, the fledgling series bore the subtitle: the strangest super-heroes of all! Issue four took things one step further, declaring them “the most unusual teenagers of all time” and before long the two were hybridized, making the X-Men “the strangest teens of all!”

Brian Michael Bendis’ ode to those long-ago days has certainly earned the strange and the recent run-ins with Mystique and HYDRA have proven these time-warped mutants’ worth as a superhero team, but this week, Bendis turn his attention to their teenaged struggles. It’s a historically risky tactic but Bendis takes it on with gusto. Does he succeed? Read on, Marvel faithful, read on and find out. Continue reading

Review: Wolverine #7

Wolverine 7

Wolverine, that immortal Canadian badass, has become a staple of comic books. Ever since he first appeared, and especially since X-Men opened the doors to the modern waves of comic book movies, he’s become one of the most identifiable heroes in Marvel’s stable. But while the superhero story has nearly become its own genre, the X-Men are still science-fiction. Accordingly, Paul Cornell has decided to follow in the tradition of SF writers before him and write a story based on a single question. It’s a simple thought experiment: what would Wolverine do without his healing factor? Continue reading

Superior Spiderman 6

Things have taken a decidedly dark turn in the story of our less than friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Last issue we saw the superior Spiderman execute a criminal at point-blank range. Despite the real Peter Parker’s earlier successes in controlling Otto, it seems that the influence of Peter’s memories has only made this Spiderman more driven to wipe out crime, by any means necessary. This week, old Parktopus takes on Youtube. Continue reading

Wolverine and the X-Men 25


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Wolverine and the X-Men 24

Welcome back to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. The teachers are taking their day off to go clubbing, so I’ll be filling in. For those of you who aren’t already enrolled in one of the school’s programs, you’re encouraged to sit in on classes, and this is a fine issue to do so in. So come along; it’s time for class. Continue reading